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Use Case

Applicable to various HMI application development.

HMI application use example

  • Meter cluster

    A richer meter cluster can be achieved by the 2D/3D animation creation function. Multiple screens can be controlled through a multi-preview, such as linkage with the center display.

  • Center display

    Facilitates creating screens for animations or lists with pre-provided UI parts. Screens created can be edited visually with the view state editor even with complicated screen transition.

  • 3D/Surrounding monitoring

    Able to connect an external device to apply input from the device at the time of preview. It enables operation tests at an early stage of development, which is expected to reduce manhours for development.

  • Electronic side mirror

    Able to develop HMI applications independent on platforms with the hierarchical structure of UI Conductor. HMI of stable quality can be achieved even under a low-end installation environment such as installed on an electronic mirror.

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