Solution for IoT devices

IoTA Overview

A data delivery solution for IoT devices centered on "security", "dependability", and "efficiency"

Target Market
Personal motor vehicles, medical equipment, farming, construction - any area wanting to make use of sensing data from IoT devices
Target Devices
Android, SBC such as Raspberry Pi, low spec IoT devices such and mbed/Arduino, etc.

IoTA Features

A software solution for delivering data securely, dependably, and efficiently from IoT devices. From the sensing devices, vehicles, medical equipment, etc. to server-side application where the data is gathered and analyzed, a streamlined application architecture is made possible by providing a single complete software package.

Data transmission overhead traffic is controlled through network optimization and proprietary lightweight protocols.This allows us to both increase IoT device security while decreasing network operation costs.

IoTA Functionality

Concealment through AONT
AES, SPEC, and other light-weight encryption for embedded devices
Core developed in RUST to prevent code vulnerabilities
Uploads are assigned priority to manage bandwidth
Data automatically stored for a maximum of 100 days
Functionality for upload segmentation, suspend/resume, automatic retry remote activation, and logging
Uses proprietary light-weight protocols in the user space
Low latency and low overhead operation guaranteed

Example application architecture for IoTA

IoTA System architecture

IoTA Crypto Core Handles encryption. Parts requiring secure programming made in RUST
IoTA lib Handles upload acceptance, priority management, automatic data retention, retry functionality, and remote access client