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Agreement on the Handling of Personal Information in an Inquiry

HI Corporation (hereafter, HI) recognizes that, as a business entity handling and protecting private information, it is HI's responsibility to protect the private information it receives and define the measures to handle this information as follows.

  • The purposes for HI to use the private information are defined as follows. If HI needs to obtain or use the private information of the owner for another purpose, HI explains the purpose, the method of use of the private information, and the scope of information used to the owner. After obtaining an agreement from the owner, then HI obtains or uses the private information.
    [ Purpose to use the private information received from a customer or business partner in a consigned operation ]
    (1) To perform an operation consigned by a customer or business partner and to provide after-sales service.
    [ Purpose for using private information received from an affiliated company ]
    (2) For marketing activities related to consignment, business communications (e.g., purchasing supplies) or paperwork (e.g., payments, invoices, etc.)
    [ Purpose for using private information related to employees or recruitment (applicants) ]
    (3) For paperwork related to personnel matters (i.e., employees, part-time employees, applicants for employment, recruitment or retirees) and communication and inquiries in ordinary office work.
    [ Purpose for using private information received from customers in the service operation (including product sales) ]
    (4) For ID verification when the service is used or for automatic display of member data in various screens
    (5) To sell, provide and lease the services (including reception, payment, shipment, etc.)
    (6) For services associated with the services above (e.g., sending the rules, communication for additional sales or confirmations required in business operation (by WEB, email or telephone))
    (7) For campaigns on the service, questionnaires, direct mail campaigns, shipping products or prizes
    (8) To respond to inquiries (email, snail mail, telephone)
    [ Purpose for using private information for other inquiries and consultations) ]
    (9) For confirmation or communication related to inquiries, consultation or complaints
  • HI does not provide private information to a third party without obtaining an agreement from the owner, unless stipulated otherwise as follows:
    (1) Complying with laws and regulations
    (2) Required to protect human life or property but there is difficulty or the time period is long to obtain an agreement with the owner.
    (3) Specifically required to improve public health or promote healthy nurturing in children, but it is difficult to obtain agreement from the owner
    (4) Required to cooperate with a government agency or a local public agency, or its consignee when it executes the procedure mandated by law, but obtaining an agreement from the owner may interfere with the execution of the procedure.
    (5) To deposit private information with the consignee with whom HI has concluded a private information protection contract, where only a limited range of information should be deposited to achieve the purpose defined in Section 1 and the purpose which is disclosed to the owner.
  • HI protects the private information HI owns from leaks, loss or damage by complying with laws, guidelines and HI's internal rules, establishes an organization to train employees, appoints a manager who is responsible for private information protection, implements physical preventive measures against theft, etc., implements technical preventive measures to prevent unauthorized access using the Network, etc.
  • The HI website counts the number of accesses and unique users for effective utilization of the website. HI uses a cookie (data file) to identify a unique user. However, HI never obtains private information read by the cookie. Note: The method to identify a unique user with a cookie is a common technology widely used on the Internet.
  • For private information received from an owner, the owner has the following rights: right to request disclosure of private information; right to request disclosure of the purpose for using private information; right to request HI not use private information and not provide such information to a third party; right to request corrections, additions or deletions of private information if it has been determined that the private information is not true as a result of the disclosure of the private information. (However, it is limited to that private information which HI has the right to disclose, correct, add or delete.)
    You can request to execute these rights as follows: (1) Enter the necessary information in "Request for Private Information Matter" (separate document). (2) Send the Request (snail mail/Fax) to the Help Desk with an identification document (e.g., driver's license (copy) or power of attorney (if appropriate)). The Help Desk staff will respond to the request at a later date after verifying the identification. (The identification document will be discarded immediately after the response in accordance with HI's policy.)
    This operation is free of charge, in principle.
  • Send an inquiry, complaint, or consultation regarding HI's private information handling to the Help Desk listed below by telephone, fax, e-mail or snail mail.
  • HI is a participating member of JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing Development Corporation). (JIPDEC is a certified private information protection organization.) The Help Desk of JIPDEC accepts inquiries (complaints, consultations) regarding private information handling by participating members.

Established: April 1, 2008
Revised: September 21, 2021

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