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High quality design creation for improved UX

Since the establishment of our business in 1989, we propose not only practical proposals based on the experience with various customers, but also GUI development environment and products, developed thru design, planning and consulting services for advanced UI design, to realize more satisfied design for customers

- Quality inspection based on human centered design -


Practicing many techniques for usage quality improvement in the interactive systems defined in the anthropocentricity design process (ISO9241-) for continued working on UI/UX design development.

UXD Development
- User experience design development -


Observing and analyzing actions and characteristics of the target users from initial designing to prototyping, mass production, and design development, and provide output to improve the end-users' experiences.

AVD Development
- Advanced Visual Design Development -


Working on high-sensed visual design which makes differentiations to  customers' products and the services, and developing the advanced design which was conscious of human senses and local/global trend



HMI and application development to realize the rich and convenient society

With the embedded software development and license of an HMI developer tool "exbeans®UI Conductor", a scalable font drawing engine "Higlyph®" and a service application development platform "exbeans®Affinity", we provide development process support during HMI applicaion development and software quality improvement, to realize the differentiation of the product of our customers

CE Software development
- High-end software which can be running on various environment -

CE Software development

With abundant development results of system development, UI development, and the application development, We can provide coherent development processes from upper to down stream

Fundamental technology development
- Providing middleware to draw out environmental characteristics -

Fundamental technology development

Developing middleware for more convienient user experience. We contribute to our customers thru our product (IP) for efficienct development and performance improvement.


Software IP

Research and development of the products which can be widely used in various way, and deploy them globally as an "IP (Intellectual Property)”. We combine “development skill” and “design skill” as an “UX” with our IP, and contribute to our customer development.

exbeans(R) UI Conductor

"exbeans®UI Conductor", Next-generation UI authoring tool for HMI development


"Higlyph®", a scalable font drawing engine, for better quality rendring and design

exbeans(R) Affinity

"exbeans®Affinity", a service application development platform for various services