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HI CORPORATION ("HI Corp.") operates this web site (https://www.hicorp.co.jp). Please read the following terms and conditions of use. Adherence and acceptance of these terms are required before using this site. HI Corp. reserves the right to modify the terms for usage without notice, and encourages their periodic review to confirm the latest information.


URL designation
When listing the URL of this web site in publications, printed material, and other web sites, please reproduce it as https://www.hicorp.co.jp/.
Media listing
Please send advance notice to webmaster@hicorp.co.jp when listing the URL of this web site in any newspaper, magazine, book, or advertisement.
Internet media listing
URL listings in email list services, newsletters, and web media are gladly permitted without any required notice. Kindly refrain from using the content or images without obtaining authorization.
Citation and transfer of content on this web site
No one other than HI Corp. is authorized to use (to transfer) the content (data, material, video, audio, etc.) of this web site, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The citation of content for media coverage and technical evaluation constitutes a justifiable purpose, however, and is permitted with clear representation of the source.
Linking to the web site
We welcome links to this site. The position and format of the link are at the discretion of the site builder. Direct calls to images and objects, or the use of frames or other programs to make the HI Corp. site appear to be included in another site is prohibited.

Copyright notice and other rights

HI Corp. either reserves the rights to all of the content in this web site unless otherwise indicated, or uses the content in accordance with a license. Without the prior approval of HI Corp., no content in part or in whole may be duplicated, modified, transferred, uploaded, posted, transmitted, distributed, licensed, sold, or published beyond the bounds explicitly permitted by law and for personal use.

Please provide advance notice to webmaster@hicorp.co.jp for any citation of this web site in published material such as magazines, literature, or advertisements.


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Limitation of liability

All manner of caution has been exercised in preparing the information published on this web site. HI Corp. provides no warranty whatsoever regarding the accuracy, validity, certainty, fitness for particular purpose, and safety (functional interruption, error generation, web site and server being free of computer viruses, or the like) of the information contained herein, and assumes no liability over disputes, losses, or damages that may be incurred over the use of this web site or of the information published on this web site.

Pricing and details for all services published on this web site are subject to cancellation or change without notice. The information published on this website may change, and operation of this web site may be interrupted or cancelled without notice. Regardless of the reasons, HI Corp. assumes no liability that arises through the change in information and interruption or cancellation of web site operation. HI Corp. assumes no liability over the content of any other web sites linked to this site.

Prohibited activity

The following acts are prohibited in connection with the use of this site:

  • Invasion of privacy or infringement on property belonging to HI Corp. or a third party, and any threat of such invasion or infringement.
  • Conduct imposing damages or detriment to HI Corp. or a third party, and any threat of such damages or detriment.
  • Socially and morally unacceptable acts, and any threat of such acts.
  • Criminal activity or conduct leading to criminal activity, or any threat of criminal activity.
  • Registration of the email address of another person, false declaration or reporting.
  • Sales activities, and activities purposed for sales, or their preparation.
  • Conduct harming the reputation or credibility of HI Corp. or a third party.
  • Using or providing harmful programs like computer viruses, or any threat of such activity.
  • Any other conduct violating the statutes, laws, or ordinances, or any threat of such violation.
  • Any other conduct HI Corp. deems inappropriate.

Jurisdiction and governing law

The terms for using this web site shall be interpreted and applied in compliance with the laws of Japan.For all disputes associated with this web site, Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first hearing unless established otherwise.

Other precautions

  • (1) Links from sites that slander or defame HI Corp. products or services, or that contain content harming their reputation; (2) links from sites publishing illegal content (including potentially illegal content), involved with illegal activity (including potentially illegal activity), or potentially involved with illegal activity; and (3) links otherwise harming the reputation of HI Corp. are strictly forbidden.
  • Information provided on this web site may be subject to change without notice, and web site operations may be interrupted or cancelled in whole or in part.
  • The terms of use are subject to change without notice. Once such terms have changed, usage of the site shall observe the altered terms of use.